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Rain Protector logic



In this project we will use rain protector logic. We will use rain sensor for detecting  the rain. It will sense the rain and will give signal to microcontroller. Microcontroller as a we  know a single chip CPU. The it wil give signal to H- bridge current amplifier. Current amplifier to drive the motors.  Motors will move the thread. Thread will take the cloths to shed.

This project is very important for us according to Our carrier point of view.

So we were quit sensitive  about final year project. We want to make project on industry so that we can implement it in that . Today we know that Punjab’s industry is passing from a slump because of lack of technology as campare to other parts of India and china. Man power is main factor in increasing cost of Indian products. So its engineer’s duty to reduce the cost and make it manpower independent. So we left our first idea to make project on electricity theft detection. Because still there are lots of drawbacks in that project and industrial project is more important for us. After that we decided to make project on GPS SYSTEM. We left that idea because of lack of sources. In the last we decided to make project on rain protector. We discussed it with our guide and they permit to work on this project


Availability of components

Industrial project

Related to automation

Economic budget



Components Required:-


Motors Dc 12 volt

Tr 558

Transistors 548

Seven segment display

Reed sensors

Ir sensors



In4001 diodes

Parllel connector

Connecting wire

7805 voltage regulator

transformer 12 v

cap 1000µf,470µf

Push to on switch


Software  required



Sprog wx

Win xp










In industry- like cotton, cloths

In House- for drying cloths

For shopkeepers –clouring dupatas