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Mechanical Project List in Ludhiana Punjab. Final year Project List

Pneumatic Jack

Pneumatic Lift

Pneumatic Coneveyor belt

Automatic braking with pneumatic system

Pneumatic door control +password system

pneumatic railway crossing system

Pneumatic machine control

Pneumatic regenrative beaking system

water sprinkler

hydraulic Lift

Object segregation and rejection


Auto Gear control

IC based engine

Remote operated patient bed

Hydraulic Robotic ARM

Pneumatic control of jack

Conveyor belt

Automatic remote Jack

Trolley conveyor

Room cooler using special cotton.

Road Energy utilization

regenerative braking system

Auto braking system

Automatic Guided vehicle

fire fighting robot

Snake robo

walking Robo

Robotic ARM

we deals in mechanical type of projects in Ludhiana jallandhar chandigarh amritsar bathinda patiala


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