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Access Control system




First of all we selected the voting machine. But its seems old circuit that’s why  we did not selected this project. then after it we selected mobile control project. In that there was lot to learn because it include micro controller circuit, DTMF technology & mobile technology. We spent three days on this project  to collect  its material. We showed this project to our HOD, but they refused this project . so we left the decision to make it. Then we selected the Electronic access control system- in this project user will enter the password, if it match with the stored password in controller then it will open the door automatically otherwise will denied.



In Electronics Access control system , we will control the door using password protection. In thisd project we will control  it using microcontroller 89C051. we will use key matrix to enter data, if entered data will match with stored data in microcontrolller, then only it will allow the door to open , otherwise it will remain locked.

The main key in this project is coding  of password.we will use DC motor to open the door , so that door will open step by step.

We will use LCD display to show the entered password.

It will also show the entered password match with stored password, if the password will match then it will show access successful, otherwise it will show denied..


We will use Microswitches to give input to microcontroller.

In keyboard programming we will use linear or matrix keyboard interfacing

Features :-

LCD display- entered password show on LCD

Programmable- flexible- programming can be change , so this project is flexible

Component easily available

Low cost

General use for security system




Hardware required-


8051 programmer universal kit


CRO 20 Mhz


Digital multimeter


Software required:


·        Keil software- Microvision 2


·        ORCAD for PCB design 10.5


·        Proteus for simulation 7.4 version




·        Low cost


·        Reliable


·        Portable


·        Flexible  due to microcntroller


·        Easy to use- system is very easy to understand





1.     Security System of offices,lockers,rooms

2.     For cranes – we can make cranes with same logic

3.     For lift control- with change in programming we can change in to lift control circuit


Time Module:-



Module Leader

Target Date

Collection of Circuit Diagram & study material

In this duration we will collect the study material for micro controller & circuit , so that we can add maximum features in our circuit & make it reliable


10th sept

Collection Of components & Equipments

In this module we will arrange the components & will arrange the programming kit for microcontroller


28th sept


In this module we  will make the program


15th  Oct

Checking of circuit on breadboard

In this module we will check the circuit on breadboard , so that we can check the circuit .in this module we will do changes in the circuit if required


20th Oct

PCB designing

In this module we will design the PCb with orcad


25 oct

Component soldering

In this module we will solder the components on circuit  with soldering iron


26 oct


In this module we will do thwe rework  & troubleshooting


30 oct

Final testing

In this module we will show & test the project to ensure its working


05 nov2010

Report Preparation

In this module we will make the project report & will prepare for presentation


10 nov 2010




Component List:-

Microcontroller 89s52- 1nos.

LCD display 16*2 matrix- 1nos.

Keys matrix Micro swiches- 10 nos.

DC geared Motors- 1nos.

LCD connector- 1nos.

Wood or ply

Crystal 3.58Mhz`- 1nos.

Resistance 220 ohm- 2nos.

Capacitor 0.01 micro farad- 2nos.

DIP switches

Connecting wires

Microcontroller programming kit

12v supply

copper clad board

Ferric chloride