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Finger Print voting machine


In this project we will make voting machine using fingerprint machine. We will use fingerprint module for this purpose is sim630. There will be keys for any data store and check vote casted by anybody.

In this project we will use finger print module to recognize person. After recognition it will give data to Microcontroller   89s52. Finger print is the better option as compare to other. Normally we recognize person with password or some other method. Itís the best security system. It helps to find out person identity and will display on LCD. We will use serial interface for communication between finger print module and Microcontroller . few commands required to communicate search database from module. Module itself programmed with ARM processor. Module also have fixed memory. So you donít require external serial  or parallel interface for memory. We will use push to on switches to enter data. First of all we will add our thumb expressions. If all added, then there will be switch to search all. We will also use a key to delete all finger prints.


Electronics voting machine

Access control using person recognition

Attendance system

In this project we




Chapter 2 Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage:


Rating Voltage:

6.5Vexceeding this value will cause permanent damage to the module

Operating Current

<80mAInput voltage 5V

Fingerprint Template

768 templates

Search Time

<1.5s200 fingerprint, average value in test

Power-on Time

<200msTime lapse between module power-on to module ready to receive


Tolerated Angle Offset


User Flash Memory


Interface Protocol:

Standard serial interface TTL level

Communication Baud Rate:


Operating Environment:

Temperature: -10℃~+40

Relative humidity: 40RH85RHno dew


Component list

Finger print module sim630- 1nos.

10 k resistor- 20 nos.




BC548 and BC558- 4nos.

LEDs- 10 nos

LCD 16*2- 1nos.

Microswitch for keypad

Preset 10k

Resistors- 10k, 1k, 4.7k


Crystal- 22 Mhz



From 8051 microntroller programming- Ayala

For Fingerprint module- www.8051projects.com

For components- Mata Rani chowk, Ludhiana and Toshankits, New Delhi