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    Electronics Projects SYNOPSIS




    Electricity Theft detection

    Traffic Light Ambulance

    AutoCleaner TV remote

    Optical Fiber Lossed Measurement

    Finger print based

    Heart Beat monitor

    Over Volatge detection


    Fuel Meter

    RF attendance System

    RF Accident Security

    Army based laser Control

    Ultrasonic Radar

    laser Control

     PLC based  Home Automation

    Farmer alert system

     AC Motor Control       

     Accident gps

     Automatic Guide Vehicle

     Alcohol Detector with Car

     Alcohol Detector With Wireless Feedback

     Alcohal Detector

     Alcohal Detector + RF Feedback

    Anticollision Car Or Train

     Anti Falling

     Antitheft Car Security System

     Antitheft Robot

     Arm Machine

     ATM Security

     Auto Cleaner GSM Robot

     Auto Cleaner TV Remote

     Auto Dialer with VP

     Auto Dialer

     Auto stop RF

     Auto Cleaner

     Auto Dialer Heart Beat + Temperature Monitor

     Automatic AC Control

     Automatic Accident Alerts

     Automatic Ambulance Alert system

     Automatic Car With Voice Prosessor

     Automatic Distribution Control with Current Feedback

     Automatic drilling MC

     Automated Free Space Detection

     Automatic Garage System

     Automatic Gear Control With RP

     Automatic Gear Control With RPM + Sensor Based Security System 

     Automatic Parking Control Logic

     Autopath Auto Braking System

     Auto Path Finder Robot

     Auto Path + Line Follower + Voice Prossessor

     AVR Based Vehicle Street Energy Utilisation

      Bank Security Password and IR

     Black Box With VP With CKT

     Black Box For Car

     Blind Stick

     Blind Turns

     Blind Stick with Voice Processor

     Bus Stop Indicator


     Camera Security System

     Car automation

     Car Lift LCD

     Car Security System gsm modem

     Car Security System

     Cleaner Robot





     Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

     Current Measures

     Data Through IR

     DC Motor Control With SCR

     DC Motor Speed Control

     DC Motor Speed Control

     Depth Sensing and PC Interface

     Device through Bluetooth

    Digital Counter Synopsis

     Digital Fuel Meter


     DMA Vhdl

     Door Access Control

     Drill Mechanism

     DTH Installation

     Dual Regulated Supply

     Earthquake detector

     Electric Distribuition Control

     Electricity theft Detection

     Electronic Lock

     Energy Saver Synopsis

    Energy Saver With RF

     Energy Saving Road Energy

     ERP System

    Excess Control

    Face Recognition

     Fan Control

     Farm House Automation

     Farmer Alert System

    Final Synopsis tr Line Detection

     Finger Print ATM

    Finger Print Attendance

     Finger Print Voting

    Fire Extinguisher

     Finger Print

    Garage System + RF Based

     Gas Sensor Detection

     GPS Railway Monitoring System

    GPS Tracking

     Green Bee Five Sensors

     Green Bee

     GSm + autopath

     GSM Based Agriculture System

     GSM Based Agriculture System Mobile

     GSM Based Colony Automation

    GSM Based Home Appliances

    GSM Control + Password

     GSM Control door Open with Password

     GSM Control Wo Mcu

     GSM Control

     GSM Modem Password Security

     GSM Modem Based Push SMS Style

    GSM Based Student Feedback

     GSM Modem Security AVR

     GSM Robot Woc

     GSM Robot

     GSM Security with Gas Sensor

    GSM Security

     GSM Security wo vp

     GSM Security + GSM Control

     Heart Beat And Temp GSM Modem

     Heart Best

     Home security

     Hotel Management

     IC Based Engine

     IC Burner

     IC Tester

     Industrial Automation using GSM

    Intelligent Car Parking

     Intelligent Car Parking Old

     Intelligent Home appliance

    Intelligent Irrigation

     Intelligent Train


     IR Attendance

     IR Distance Meter

     IR Moving Platform

     IR Robot

     IR Stepper 

     IR Voice Data and Control

     IR Voice and Data in short


     Laser Guided Vehicle

     Laser traveler

    Laser Data Transmission

     Laser Security

     Laser Tracking Synopsis

     Laser Target Synopsis

     Lift Controller PC Based

    Lift Controller System New

     Line Follower

     Liquid Level Indicator

     Logical Access Control

     LPG Based Home Security System

     LPG Sniffer

     LPG Sniffer + GSM Fire

     Metro Train Synopsis

     Metro With LCd


     Mobile Based Monitoring and Controlling of Electricity Meter

    Mobile Control door Open With Password

     Mobile Irrigation Control System

     Mobile Robot

     Motor Control

     Moving Message Component List

     Moving Message led

     Multi Storey Car Parking

     Multipoint Temperature Monitoring System

     Multitasking Robot

    Normal Lift Synopsis

     Object Counter

     Object and Car Counter

     Object Detection and Segregation

     Object Finder


    Obstacle Detection Using Sound Waves


     One to many comm RF Synopsis

     Optical Fiber Control System

     Optical lossed

     Optical Voice and Data Circuit 

     Optical Voice and Data

     Over Current or Voltage RF Indication

     Over Voltage Detection

     Paging technology

     Paid Parking lift LCD

     Paid Parking Lift + Fire

     Parking Lift  Seven Segment

     PC Based Wireless Home appliances

     PC Control  Metro Train

     PC Control Stepper Motor

     PC Control Wireless Car

     PC Control

     PIR Autodialer

    PIR Based and Fire Home Security with Web Cam

     PIR Based And Power Saving

     PIR Lab Security

     PLC Home Automation

     PLC Synopsis


     PLL Temperatures

    Power Line Control Of Devices

     Power Line Dtmf Voice and Data

     Power Line Dtmf Voice and Data

     PowerLine DTMF

     PowerLine Failure Wireless Indication

     PowerLIne With PLL

     Power Line Data Transmission

     Power Failure with GSM Modem

     Prepaid + Speech

     Prepaid Electricity Energy Met

     Prepaid Electricity Energy Meter

     Project synopsis

     Project Uart

     Protection Of Transformer

    Public Garden Automation

     Punch Card + Energy zone

     Railway Crossing

     Railway Monitoring System

     Railway Tracking System

     Railway Crossing With Voice Processor

     Rain Guage

     Rain Protector

     R as a PC Mouse

     Real Time Calendar 

     Red Light Jump and Density Check

     Red Light Jump with Rf Alert

     Red Light Jump With Rf

     Regenerative system

     Remote Controlled Car

    Remote Controlled Motor

     RF access

     RF accident

     RF Attendance

     RF Attendance + Energy Zone

    RF Attendence

     RF Autocleaner

     RF Communication Data Transfer

    These are Just Few Ideas not the complete list  For detail list please visit our office