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Electronics voting machine is a very interesting and very wonderful project to explain the wotking of microcontroller and eerom. In this project one LCD is also connected. One keyboard with feq switches are connected it to  feed the data in the eerom. 

Here we use ic 89c51 microcontroller as  a main processor. Pin no 40 is connected to the positive supply. Pin no 20 is connected to the ground pin. Pin no 18 and pin no 19 is connected to the crystal pin. Here we use crystal 3.58 Mhz. In this microcontroller there is total four portís. Port0, Port1, Port2, Port3. In this project we assign only four candidates. So therefore four switches are connected to the microcontroller to enter the volt for each candidate.Four other switches are  connected to the microcontroller to check the individuals vote.

One switch for the total vote.

Two switches for the reset the  processor.

Here we use  two by 16 line lcd. For the display.