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Electrical projects are:-

Prepaid meter

Smart Card Prepaid energy meter

RF prepaid energy meter

Electricity theft detection

Wireless power Transmission

Over voltage and over current detection with RF feedback

Overload detection with sms alert

SMS controlled Device- electrical 220v 7A

Room Light intensity Control

Hostel Light management with load control

Farmhouse Automation

RF energy meter

Energy meter with reading on SMS with Date and units

Three phase induction motor control

Phase changer

transformer over heat detection

Transformer overheat detection with RF

electrical distribution control

Energy saver

Traffic light control

fingerprint access system

Power factor correction

remote control devices using IR/RF/laser

electrical road pricising system

boiler temperature measurement with control

Water level control with RF control

water level control with sms control

Ultrasonic water level indicator

IR spy robot

Three phase selector

Universal battery Charger

Solar battery charger

Solar seeking platform


Laptop charger

RF failure detection

Power plant substation

Hydropower generation

Road energy utilization and street light electricity saver

Street light control

PIR security system

Solar car

Regenerative Braking system

Power line control of devices

Powerline Voice and data Transmission

Laser control of devices

AVR system of Generator

Automatic stopper circuit for generator

Automatic UPS 500VA

DC motor control using 1C relay

DC motor control using SCR and PWM

Stepper motor control

IR stepper motor control

Current measurement using ADC

Digital Voltmeter

PLC based home automation

PLC control machine



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